White & Purple Ribbon, Wooden Kayak

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Features: 1. Stunning beautiful clear graded cedar hull.   2. Fiberglass adds important tensile strength and abrasion resistance to the wood.     3. 100% red cedar make this Kayak surprisingly light weight that one person can carry.   4. Come with a show graded set of wooden paddles.   5. Each cedar strip is hand joined and then coated with fiberglass epoxy.

Measurements: * Bow Height: 10 ";  * Mid Height: 9.5 ";   * Stern Height: 13.5 ";
Cockpit dimension: 31.5" x 17.75 ".   * Weight: 45lbs.       * Capacity: 500 lbs
Color: Wooden
Material: Wood
Total Weight ( lbs. ): 200
Size: 24" x 177" x 13.5"

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